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Chapter 1 - You wicked woman

"Wei Qing, you wicked woman!"
At the same time, a tall figure who was brimming with an ice-cold aura suddenly appeared in front of Wei Qing. His five fingers formed a claw as he firmly grabbed onto Wei Qing's throat.
The air was suddenly snatched away, and the pain in his chest was excruciating, Wei Qing's small face was immediately pulled out.
"Your Highness, what are you doing?"
Wei Qing's maid Die'er's expression suddenly changed. She rushed forward and attempted to pull away Prince Chu's hand, but was pushed away by Xiao Qingqian and fell to the ground.
"Your Highness..." Even though Wei Qing was in extreme pain, when she saw Xiao Qingqian's pair of eyes brimming with anger, the corner of her lips drew back with all her might. To be born this big... "Anger?"
Xiao Qingqian squinted his eyes dangerously, and at the same time increased the power in his hands. "The reason this king agreed to marry you back then was only because of the Prime Minister Wei, otherwise, for women like you, do you think this king would fall for you?"
Wei Qing frowned.
Your Chief Consort, your concubine also came in at the same time to try and humiliate me, your Chief Consort, and you even rolled up the bed with my concubine that night. I didn't even look down on you for being dirty, and you still came here to ridicule me?
Suppressing the anger in his heart, the smile on Wei Qing's lips became even wider.
"This humble one naturally knows that the one whom Your Highness has fallen in love with is concubine Tian Sisi.
She was clearly in a very sorry state at this moment, but the two words, "He Li", resonated with authority!
It was unknown if it was because Wei Qing's current smile was taunting or because she had said the word "He Li" more than once, to the point that the anger in Xiao Qingqian's chest was exploding like a flood.
He used more strength, as if he wanted to destroy the smile on Wei Qing's face.
The Wei Qing who used to have a face full of smiles whenever he saw him and the Wei Qing who had a smile filled with ridicule and mockery right now, were constantly fluctuating in his mind, to the point that even the astute him was unable to figure out what kind of trick Wei Qing was trying to pull!
"My prince, it was because I couldn't stand properly that I fell into the lotus pond, it had nothing to do with Elder Sister Princess!"
With a tearful voice, Tian Sisi entered the room with the support of the servant girl, and faintly begged for mercy.
Xiao Qingqian looked at Tian Sisi with a complicated gaze, "Si'er, this king likes your kindness, but people are always bullied by others, and horses are always ridden!"
Tian Sisi's mouth opened and closed twice, with a tear-filled look, it made people feel pity when they saw it.
However, Wei Qing had seen too many white lotuses like Tian Sisi in her previous life.
He said those words in a nice way to plead for her, but in his heart, he couldn't decide how he was going to curse.
On the other hand, men seemed to be easily fooled by this white lotus!
Wei Qing looked at Tian Sisi in ridicule, "Concubine Tian, I'm not close with you, so I can't be considered your sister!"
These words angered Xiao Qingqian once again, and the temperature around him dropped to the freezing point, as if he wanted to snap Wei Qing's neck right now.
This damnable woman, she really didn't know what was good for herself!
"Prince, please calm down. She is an imperial concubine, and the daughter of the Prime Minister Wei."
It looked like Tian Sisi was begging for mercy for Wei Qing at all times, but in the end, it was still aggravating the conflict between Xiao Qingqian and Prime Minister Wei.
As expected...
After saying that, Xiao Qingqian used a few more steps, and his thin lips slowly opened, "Am I afraid of a prime minister like him?"
Tian Sisi opened her mouth, and as if she had no choice but to lower her eyes, at the same time, she quickly covered up the craftiness in the depths of her eyes.
Wei Qing felt that the suffocating feeling in her chest was getting more and more intense, and everything in front of her eyes started to become more and more blurry.
It was as if she could hear Die'er's cries for help, and also as if she could see the victorious smile on Tian Sisi's face.
"Your Highness, the Emperor has summoned you urgently!" Outside the chamber, the butler reported.
Hearing that, a look of disappointment flashed past Tian Sisi's eyes, and she loosened her grip.
Wei Qing fell to the ground like a pile of mud. The air suddenly filled up and her throat became unbearably itchy.
Xiao Qingqian looked at the miserable Wei Qing, and said coldly: "Wei Qing, you better reflect on it. In the future, you are not allowed to set foot in Si'er's chambers!"
Wei Qing did not utter a word.
Xiao Qingqian carried Tian Sisi and walked out of the chamber. That speed was extremely fast, as if if she would be contaminated if she stayed any longer.
At a angle that he could not see, Tian Sisi taunted Wei Qing with the corner of his mouth.
Wei Qing, since you have snatched away the position of Chief Consort that already belonged to me, I will definitely not let you have a good life!
When Wei Qing clearly caught the smile on the corner of her mouth, she slowly clenched her hands that were supporting her on the ground.
Tian Sisi, don't force me!
At the point where their eyes intersected, it was as if sparks were being shot out.
Die'er was really frightened just now, and immediately helped Wei Qing up. Seeing the red five finger marks on her porcelain white neck, her tears flowed down, as if she was about to break a dam.
Wei Qing smiled at her, then raised her hand to wipe her tears. She joked, "Silly girl, why are you crying? It's not like your young miss is dead! "
Die'er cried even harder, "Eldest Miss, this servant was really scared to death just now!"
Wei Qing's smile was relaxed, but in her heart, there was still a bit of lingering fear.
Although he knew some martial arts, he was no match for the high class Xiao Qingqian.
Furthermore, Xiao Qingqian's identity was noble and she was a prince, so it was even more impossible for her to confront him directly.
The most puzzling thing was that Xiao Qingqian was actually unwilling to leave!
She rubbed her swollen forehead and said to Die'er, "Let me calm down!"
Die'er looked worried, but she hesitated to speak.
Wei Qing poured a cup of tea and moistened her throat.
Now, Xiao Qingqian thought that she was a venomous snake and wanted to kill her quickly!
Tian Sisi was angry at her for stealing her position in the Chief Consort. On the surface, it looked as if it was trying to curry favor with her, but in reality, it was hindering her non-stop behind her back.
She had wolves in front and tigers in the back. It looked like she really needed to take Die'er and leave Prince Chu’s Mansion as soon as possible.
However, if she were to leave sneakily, would it implicate her cheap old man? Would he let the hundreds of people in the Prime Minister's Estate be beheaded?
The more Wei Qing thought about it, the more annoyed she became.
After an unknown amount of time, she suddenly smelled a strong scent of makeup.
This familiar smell also made her feel extremely disgusted.
When he raised his eyes and met with Tian Sisi's eyes that were filled with hatred and pride, the corner of Wei Qing's mouth hooked up, "Concubine Tian didn't admire my sorry state just now, so you want to come over to provoke and show off?"
Tian Sisi scoffed, "Wei Qing, I just want to remind you that this is only the beginning, and I will make you pay for it!"
Wei Qing laughed sarcastically, "Concubine Tian, I also want to remind you that when a rabbit is anxious, it bites. When I don't attack, it's not because I'm afraid of you, nor is it because I can't win against you! It was disdain! I can't be bothered to fight with you for a dirty man! You have the time to show off your strength here, why don't you think of a way to persuade your highness to agree to go with me! "
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